Every morning I play a game, it’s called where did I put my slippers. I don’t want to play this game anymore.

  • -Pandora decides to play a song called Ain't No Reason by Brett Dennen-
  • Song: I've got a basket full of lemons and they all taste the same.
  • Me (to myself): Of course, what did you expect? They're fucking lemons! You have no other object or haven't spoken of another object you've tasted by which to create a comparison. That's when I realised sometimes I take lyrics too seriously.


Pretty sure I’m getting sick, this has to be the first cold I’ve had in three years.

I seriously hate laundry day…

Trying to find a wallpaper for Another is impossible! Why you might ask, well because the series is called Another! Try searching by character name, nothing. Try using other key words, such as anime and novel following the title, nothing. It has a live action film, a spin-off novel, and a sequel in the works, why is this so hard? Clearly, the reason they call it another is that you’ll give up and search for another thing. First world problems, I know but it still irritates me.

  • Netflix: Hey, we added all eight seasons of House, M.D.
  • -I look outside the window and release a deep sigh-
  • Me: Bye-bye outside world.

I accidentally…till 7:30…Kill la Kill…done…pretty good.

He used to talk about our life after the war, how many kids we’d have, the house we’d live in, a two storeys with a white picket fence, what it would be like to be his wife. My family as protectors to the throne assumed I was lazy, that I lacked the ambition to fulfill my duties.

I remember how I won them over, I said, you think I’m looking for riches, to be an object paraded around at social soirées, you misunderstand. My duty is to serve and protect I was merely thinking that what better way to do that than to be at his side forever, to be one with him an extension of his very being.

What kills me now isn’t the lack of the house, or children, it isn’t even the line around my finger where my engagement ring used to set. It’s the silence, deafening in its tone, it’s knowing that no matter how many times I rest my head against his headstone he’ll never speak back. Sometimes life is the real nightmare…

[just a little context, in case it’s unclear she’s the one that was in the war]

So now that it’s over I think I’m going to finally watch Kill la Kill, considering it has been all over my dash for an eon now, but surprisingly hasn’t been spoiled for me. I’d of watched it when it was airing, but by the time I heard anything about it the second season of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai had started and I like to focus on one series at a time (plus Chuunibyou has a special place in my heart). So I’m gonna go devote the next day or two to that, see ya.

Found this while derping around on message boards, sorry if it’s a repost.

Found this while derping around on message boards, sorry if it’s a repost.